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Sail away with us, shipmate

When roaming the high seas, it’s important to get to know the crew, and the vessel ye be swigging rum aboard. Here you will find all the information you need before leaving port and yo-ho-ho-ing a bottle with us.


Meet the Crew

Sally Wilsdon


John Adds


Liam Cockett


Chris Adds

Promotions Manager

Lady Buster

Pub Dog/Food Waste Manager

Plans for the Future

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Maintaining the Ship

With plans to renovate and improve facilities at our pub, it’s worth keeping up to date on the progress. We don’t want you missing out on any exciting developments now, do we?

New Food!

Feeding Our Crew

Aboard the good ship Sunny Sailor, we like to offer variety and quality to our hungry shipmates. Keep up to date with new menus and specials here!

More Events!

Entertaining our Shipmates

The key to smooth sailing is a happy crew. With plans for more frequent and diverse events, there’s never been a better time to climb aboard and dance a ditty with us.

She be an aged vessel...

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The Sunny Sailor has a long and rich history, learn more hitting the button.

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If you’re curious about any of the information provided, or wish to ask us a question, then raise your looking glass and set sail for the contact page!